Licensing Services

Sentim meets the needs of its customers to acquire and manage software licenses with its Group Licensing Expertise. Providing Microsoft Group Licensing solutions and services to businesses, Sentim complements its customers both legally and in terms of information technology management. We can produce solutions for all licensing models related to Microsoft products. Our licensing consultants will determine the most suitable model for you and will present a quotation.

Open License

1) Open License
It is a Volume Licensing model that provides group licensing price advantage and pay-as-you-go flexibility for small and medium-scaled businesses with 5 to 250+ desktop computers.

2) OV – Open Value (Open License)
It is a Volume Licensing model that offers simplified license management to easily manage your IT investment with Software Assurance, which offers benefits such as training, planning services, access to the latest software versions and product support for small and medium-scaled businesses with 5 to 250+ desktop computers.

3) OVS – Open Value Subscription (Open Licensing Membership)
Unlike Open Value, it offers cheaper start-up costs. In case the number of your desktop computers decrease, it offers the option of reducing your license count. Additionally, you can only have the licenses you have paid for during the contract period.

Enterprise Agreements

1) EA- Enterprise Agreement
It is a Volume Licensing model that provides serious cost advantages and easy license management and budget tracking over a single agreement for large organizations with 500+ desktop computers. With this agreement model, you can easily standardize the latest Microsoft technology at your enterprise.

2) EAS – Enterprise Agreement Subscription
Unlike the Enterprise Agreement, it provides an advantage over the standard licensing price with the subscription based licensing option. You can only have the licenses you have purchased during the contract period.

3) SCE – Server and Cloud Enrollment
It is an enterprise licensing model that allows you to standardize one or more Microsoft servers and cloud technology under the Enterprise Agreement. You can reach the best prices and other advantages in line with the commitments you will make to the product families covered by this agreement model.

CSP – Cloud Solution Provider

It is a membership-based, monthly payment-based flexible licensing model that enables you to have Microsoft cloud products. So you can start and stop when you want, and pay as much as you use.

MPSA – Microsoft Products & Services Agreement

The Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a simplified contract that provides greater flexibility and simplified self-service tools. MPSA enables Microsoft cloud services, software, and Microsoft Software Assurance to be purchased together. The new purchase account structure gives you more flexible purchase options and gives you more control over how to make purchases, and you have options for price protection and perennials options. The new self-service vehicles allow you to combine your purchases in one single view, which allows you to manage your assets more easily. It is suitable for organizations with 250 or more users. The MPSA is only designed to make it easy for you to license what you need for the time you need.

Consultancy services

• Microsoft 365,
• Azure (IaaS, OMS),
• Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS),
• Win10 Enterprise Services
• SystemCenter (Private & Hybrid Cloud)

We provide Pre-Sales and Post-Sales consultancy and support services for Microsoft products and services such as those provided above.

Digital Security Services

Device Security

Provide safety for company data that is instantly accessed from anywhere, with changing device models, starting with the devices. Restrict third-party access to your data with technologies that monitor suspicious activity and make it easier to respond instantly. Take control of the security breaches with Windows Defender ATP, which you can use with Windows 10. With Microsoft Intune, save your devices on the company network and get up-to-date security updates.

Identity Security

You can protect your mail boxes against new and improved attacks in real time. Expand protection to include unsafe attachments and protect against malicious links, complement the security features of Exchange Online Protection, and provide better zero day protection. Protect all your connected systems by switching to active defense and attack from passive defense.

e-Mail Security

Identify a single identity for your users with the evolution of enterprise applications within companies. Ensure security of your identity with secure multi-sign-on, multi-factor authentication, risk-based conditional access, and analysis of suspicious activity.

Data security

Ensure that information is protected from the source of the data when it is consumed through many devices other than corporate networks. In this new period, you determine whom the data should be shared with; who can access the data, when and where.

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Cloud Solutions


Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, offering a reliable and flexible solution for your business, making it a professional affordable solution for your business in many areas. Azure is the most effective way of continuing and uninterrupted sharing of your data requiring high security and continuity, and also making your applications accessible, call us for cloud solutions for medium to large scaled businesses.


Office 365 is a cloud platform service provided by Microsoft. It allows you access, edit and work on your emails, your calendar, your documents online. As a Microsoft partner, our company provides support and project solutions for Office 365 products. Office 365 is a very advantageous cloud system solution from Microsoft’s latest technology. For your business, we can provide the best solutions for your platform migration.

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