Data and Telephone Cabling

The cabling infrastructure of data, telephone, fiber, security, mains and UPS electrical systems is integrated under a single roof with structured cabling, creating an integrated and flexible working environment. . The system is implemented in star architecture, using category 5-6-7 (copper cable) and fiber optic cables. For unlimited speed communications, fiber optic cables that are free of all kinds of adverse noise and effects can be preferred.

Energy Cabling

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), which is defined as uninterruptible power supply, is called different names as its working principle. As the main logic, its task is to try to protect the load it is connected to from fluctuations, harmonics, peak currents that may occur in the mains energy when there is electricity. At the same time, it is defined as supplying energy to the load that it feeds in sudden energy interruptions without generating power interruption. Many devices used in offices or residences require a preliminary protection due to the lack of a clean and uninterrupted network. Otherwise, repairing your devices may result in severe problems and software damage.

Maintenance and Repair

In order for computer systems to operate quickly, healthily, and without problems, network cabling is very important. Since cabling is often insufficient, serious network problems are encountered on non-healthy network cabling. Many problems, especially slowness and disconnectivity, are caused by cabling systems made without conforming to engineering formats. The cabling infrastructure must be well designed and constructed for years to come. The following points should be observed in cabling: Data cables should be chosen as UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) or Fiber Optic according to the environment.

Fiberoptic Cabling

Fiber Optic Cable infrastructure needs, we provide on-site discovery, project design, cabling, fiber optic epoxy termination, fiber optic fusion splice termination, fiber optic dB test, fiber optic OTDR test, fiber optic dB test reporting, documentation, fiber optic OTDR test reporting, documentation and fiber optic commissioning services.

Test & Reporting

EIA/TIA standard compliance tests must be performed with the FLUKE Network test equipment after all cabling has been completed. The individual characteristic values of all the ends should be determined and the non-conforming ends should be re-tested to meet the standards.

In infrastructure, for all of the 81 provinces:
– STRUCTURAL WIRING (Telephone, Data, Fiber)
services can be provided.

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