The IT Power of Turkey

Serving in the IT sector for over a quarter of a century, Sentim has become the “IT Power” of today’s Turkey with its vast experience, stable structure and sustainable success.

Changing its name to Kuralkan Bilişim Otomotiv San. ve Dış Tic. A.Ş. on March 29, 2017, Sentim aims to become Turkey’s IT Power in the future with its ever strengthening structure.

Serving in the IT sector for twenty-eight years, including the last ten years of Microsoft business, Sentim is one of the few LSP partners who can make Enterprise agreement in Turkey as Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner.

In Microsoft business, Sentim achieved sevenfold growth, in terms turnover with its annual growth rates in the past five years, and has reached over two hundred enterprise agreements. It is one of the largest and most important business partner of Microsoft in terms of its turnover and enterprise agreements it has achieved with this steady growth and sustainable success.

By the end of 2016, becoming the business partner of Apple as a system integrator, Kuralkan Bilişim aims to become a pioneer in Apple business with its device/accessory supply and services rendered, and to become an IT business partner of your institution with its Apple service model for “mobile business continuity”.

According to the data of 2016, Sentim Bilisim ranked third as the system integrator in the rankings of the most valuable companies in its sector in Turkey and ranked 357 among the Fortune 500 companies upping in 64 rows compared to the previous year.



    Kuralkan's journey is the summary of Turkey's growth journey! We started our journey with Kuralkan Workshop in the 1950s, and we provided employment for thousands of people. We introduced hundreds of thousands people to motorcycles and computer technology. We have grown up together with our country with production, exports, employment.

  • 1960 Kuralkan Workshop

    The first steps are taken by radio repair at Kuralkan Workshop.

  • 1980 First steps of production and export

    The first steps are taken by radio repair at Kuralkan Workshop.

  • 1984 MZs are in Turkey...

    From the German legend, to the legendary Turk... The arrival of first motorcycles to Turkey Kuralkan started bringing German legend MZ motorcycles to Turkey. The years Turkey opens up to the world

  • 1988 Dealer network is established

    The first dealers meeting. Legal sales and service network sprouts...- Motorcycle fans are starting to meet MZs.

  • 1991 Sena Bilgisayar is established.

    Turkey meets the computer. Kuralkan brings Austin computer, one of the forerunners of the computer industry, to Turkey.

  • 1992 The Birth of KRN Bilgisayar

    One of Turkey's first computer brands is born. In 1992, one of the first computer brands of Turkey is born. KRN branded computers become the first computer of tens of thousands of computer users

  • 1994 40% of the monitors sold in the country are from Sena Bilgisayar

    Sena Bilgisayar is one of the biggest in Turkey. 40% of the monitors in Turkey are brought by Sena Bilgisayar.

  • 1995 Factory in Turkey

    The German legend bought Kuralkan MZ motorcycle factory in Turkey. The facility is moving to Turkey.

  • 1995 Sedef Bilgisayar is established...

    Sedef Computer is established to operate in the field of software.

  • 1996 International business association in information business, Sentim is born

    Kuralkan becomes the distributor of the world famous DELL computers in Turkey. Sentim gains a big market success with DELL.

  • 2001 Sentim renews its vision

    Kuralkan is expanding its investments in the IT sector with a new vision.

  • 2005 Sentim lays the foundations of Microsoft collaboration

    Sentim Bilişim, the leader of the sector, starts a business partnership with World Giant Microsoft.

  • 2009 Sentim is the System Integrator of the Year

    Receiving the most prestigious awards in the sector, Sentim is the leader of the sector in IT 500 this year.

  • 2009 Sentim is the Business Partner of the Year

    Becoming LAR Partner of Microsoft, world giant in its own field, Sentim Bilisim can offer all kinds of information technologies products and solutions for its customers in every structure and scale thanks to this business partnership. Many big projects ranging from big airline companies to banks, from state institutions to universities are realized by Sentim.

  • 2011 Signature of Sentim in Fatih Project

    Fatih Project in Education (Movement to Increase Opportunities and Improve Technology) Sentim takes its place in the Fatih Project, which is one of the biggest IT projects expected to direct Turkey's future. The infrastructure of thousands of schools in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia is being established by Sentim.

  • 2013 Sentim Call Center

    Sentim establishes the biggest call center in Ağrı. Having one of the biggest call centers in Turkey, Sentim Bilişim continues to grow rapidly and contribute to employment in Ağrı as well as in Istanbul. Ağrı call center has the capacity to employ 6.000 people in the future. Employing 100 people when first opened, Sentim Ağrı Call Center now employs 400 people.

  • 2013 To become a regional power

    Bajaj Global Cooperation Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL), one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in INDIA and the world, signed a partnership agreement with Kuralkan Motor Vehicles (Kanuni) to enter Turkish and European markets.

  • 2015 The IT Power of Turkey

    Sentim is one of the biggest in Turkey. Sentim is one of the top 500 industrial organizations in Turkey.

  • 2016 Sentim lays the foundations of Apple collaboration

    Sentim Bilişim has started a partnership with Apple, the world's leading IT/Electronics company, as "Authorized System Integrator" and "Authorized Seller".

  • 2017 Sentim Title Change / Sentim and Kuralkan merge.

    Sentim Bilişim Teknolojileri San. ve Tic AŞ, serving in the field of Information Technologies for about 30 years under Kuralkan Group of Companies, merges with Kuralkan Motorlu Araçlar San. ve Tic. AŞ and becomes Kuralkan Bilişim Otomotiv San. ve Dış Tic. AŞ.

  • 2023 On the Path to Becoming a Global Power in our Republic's 100th Anniversary

    Our goal is to become one of the global forces of Turkey. By working, producing, growing with global scale cooperations, employing thousands of people and serving millions of people, Kuralkan Group of Companies will become one of the locomotives of our 2023 vision and goals of our Republic.

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