Device Supply Services

Apple Authorized System Integrator and Authorized Seller Kuralkan Bilişim offers solutions for the most accurate device selection and supply for enterprise customers. We sell iPhone and iPad devices with iOS operating system and iMac and MacBook devices with MacOS operating system using “Service Models” and “Corporate Sales” methods.

The products on sale are as follows:


Service Model

Business continuity is a holistic management process. It is ensured with product and service continuity. If one of them is missing, this integrity cannot be achieved. To do so, businesses need to invest in equipment and solutions that are appropriate for this area.

Sentim Mobile Business Continuity Service Model contributes to business continuity of processes and employees. Therefore, it increases the productivity of both employees and the business, provides measurable benefits and sustainable success with high performance and positive business results. Please contact Kuralkan Bilişim for detailed information.

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MDM – Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management (MDM), for which we provide licenses and consulting services, we allow you to speed up your registration process and easily manage your devices Mobile Device Management (MDM) support provides quick start and management options for companies of all sizes. With MDM, IT administrators can register devices in the corporate environment, configure and update settings, check compliance, and remotely disable or lock down devices. As Kuralkan Bilişim, we provide you valuable stakeholders the following three different MDM solutions together with licenses, technical support and consultancy services:

– Microsoft Intune
– Airwatch by vmware
– Mobile Iron


iOS & macOS Solutions

It is foundation of a strong mobile platform containing iOS, iPad, iPhone, and the App Store, which offers thousands of applications for businesses. Thanks to the easy-to-use design of iOS, the employees can quickly learn how to use the devices and carry out their jobs more efficiently. iOS comes with built-in applications for everyday tasks. Business applications in the App Store and applications specifically developed for your company can also be used. iOS has centralized security and is easy to use. It is also a powerful platform for iOS applications.

It is an operating system that makes MacOS, Mac, Mac and brings life to every Mac. Mac provides a powerful, secure and flexible system for your business. Every Mac adds value to your business. It has a superb hardware and offers great performance. Works smoothly with Windows. It is easy and user friendly.


Nano Device Protection – Crystalusion

Nano Device Protector / Full Screen + Device Protection
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is a silicone-based coating designed by German engineers. Developed after extensive testing and research activities, Crystalusion is among the most advanced nano coatings for mobile devices. The feature making the coating wonderful is that the Crystalusion structure does not have any adhesives or resin. The layer adheres via the Van Der Waals interaction. In such an interaction, the liquid glass molecules and the coated surface layer are attracted to each other by quantum forces, thus, there are no angles or edges that can come off or collect dust.

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection works 100% independently from the device thanks to its unique application method. The liquid product can be used on all smartphones, tablets and touch devices. With Crystalusion, which can be applied to almost any existing device, a single protection product will suffice for all your devices.


Your Crystalusion Nano Device Protector phone provides 3 basic protections:

ASTM C1624-05 Quantitative Single Point Scratch Test conducted in the laboratory using Rockwell appliances has obtained laboratory certification that it can withstand visible scratch marks up to N.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is antimicrobial. As a result of the ASTM E2180 antimicrobial tests conducted with Salmonella, SStaph. Ureus and E. Coli, 99.9% reduction in the number of organisms was detected.

According to the test report result dated 24.01.2017 carried our by certified laboratories in accordance with SARS Measurement Standards, it prevents electromagnetic radiation up to 90%.

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