The projects implemented by Sentim, one of the leading integrators in the IT industry in Turkey, in cooperation with Intel continue at an ever increasing speed. Strategic and innovative solutions are provided to organizations utilizing Intel-based systems with the support of Intel, one of the huge companies in the world.

Intel vPro technology, as well as the NxTop product of the Virtual Computer company that provides desktop virtualization solutions on PCs, operating in integration with the Intel vPro technology, have been added to the Intel products, to which Sentim provides support in Turkey. Intel vPro technology enables organizations to manage systems and react software problems remotely, allows remote and zero-touch operating system switching, and updating software even when the systems are turned off afterhours, providing considerable decreases in system administration costs, energy savings and state-of-the-art security. The Virtual Computer NxTop solution that enables virtualization on the end-users’ computers combines the advantages of server-based desktop virtualization and conventional PC approaches, providing management conveniences and cost advantages with mobility and offline operating facilities.

Sentim IT is and Holding company.