Serviced Institutions

General Directorate of Security; MOBESE (City Information and Security System), infrastructure, general services, etc. 

Turkish Ministry of National Defense; Turkish Land Forces Command, Turkish Air Forces Command, Turkish Naval Forces Command, Turkish Gendarmerie General Command, ASAL (Turkish Army Registration Unit), Hospitals, Brigades, Infrastructures, Hardware, Software, etc. 

Ministries; Turkish Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, etc. 

National Education Projects; Computer Training Courses, Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Boards), computers, etc. 

Financial Sector; Software, hardware, security and support services for Agricultural Bank of the Republic of Turkey (Ziraat Bankası), Kuveyt Turk, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, Finansbank and others. 

Educational Institutions; Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Yıldız Technical University (YTU), Karadeniz Technical University, Marmara University, Middle East Technical University (ODTU), Bilkent University and othr universities. 

Municipalities; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and other municipalities. 

General Directorate of Land Registers, Ottoman Archives, Hospital Automation Software, Municipality Software

Microsoft Applications 

Tens of services for Turk Telekom and PTT,

Overseas Projects; Kazakhstan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Albania and other countries.
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