From The Past To The Present

Sentim - From The Past To The Present

Sentim Information Technologies is one of the leading companies that introduced the computer technologies in Turkey and pioneered the development and spread of the same in the country. Having achieved many firsts and successes during its over 20 years of history, Sentim continues to lead the industry, developing solutions for the ever changing requirements of the sector along with developments in technology with new, original and expert approaches.

Having developed macro-scale specialized solutions increasing the efficiency and facilitating the business lives of its clients as a system integrator in the IT industry with its hundreds of employees as from the 2000s, Sentim has successfully completed many national-scale projects in the healthcare, education, archiving, security, etc. fields, and introduced the convenience of the Information Technologies to millions of people across the country.

Included in the Fortune world’s 500 most prestigious companies list, Sentim continues to be one of the pioneer and leading companies in Turkey e-transformation.

Sentim IT is and Holding company.