The first formation of the TCDD, which was nationalized in 1927 under a single company, dates back to 1856. The Turkish Republic State Railways Administration, which has been bringing high technology to our country for about 160 years, has decided to work with Kuralkan Bilişim to meet the needs and expectations of its enterprise structure, which is formed with its new projects. We have successfully implemented the Microsoft Exchange Project with the organization to meet the communication and messaging needs of more than 35 thousand employees.


In the context of TCDD, in line with changing needs and expectations; creating a
• Modern
• Compatible
• Popular
messaging system.


Once the needs were identified and necessary analyzes were made, the company decided to use the Microsoft Exchange messaging system as a platform to remove intensive communication capacity and to make this transition with Sentim IT as one of the important business partners. It successfully migrated to the newly designed Microsoft platform with this service provided for all users.


With the project performed for the institution, it currently owns an infrastructure that quickly responds to modern needs such as
• Accepted worldwide
• Easy to use
• Mobility

Technologies Used

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