FATIH Project, which was signed and started in 2010, aims to present the blessings of information technology in education to the students and to enable the students use the technology more effectively by equipping the classes with advanced technology.

The goal of the project is to introduce smart board, wireless internet, infrastructure cabling to all the classes in all the schools and to adopt digital age education by providing every student with a tablet. The project, which is planned to be completed in four years, started with 52 schools in 17 provinces and the distribution of Samsung tablets in the pilot part was held on February 6 with the participation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Sabahattin Zaim Anatolian Teacher High School.


FATIH Project in Education has been launched for the effective use of lessons in the lessons so that more equipments of information technology can be addressed in the learning-teaching process in order to provide equal opportunity in education and training and to improve the technology in our schools.

The success factors are based on five basic principles while creating solutions from these principles:

Accessibility: To be able to serve independently from anywhere and at any time, from time and vehicles,

Productivity: To be able to provide target-oriented, more efficient working environments and development areas,

Equality (equal opportunity): To ensure that all stakeholders have access to the best service,

Scalability: To ensure that progress and results can be accurately measured so that development can be properly assessed,

Quality: To raise the quality of all education in a measurable manner.

Thanks to the solution that takes account of all these success factors, it is aimed to increase the total quality while equal opportunity is provided and the digital gap is closed


The software of the 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab products distributed in the pilot region has been specially designed and developed for the MEB portal. The security system has been developed for the downloading of student books which have portal contents, the software for disabling the tablets which do not participate in the system for a certain period considering the semester and summer vacation, and the lost and the stolen. It also allows school officials to remotely manage the device and prevent it from being used outside of the intended use.


The Movement to Increase Opportunities and Improve Technology (FATIH) started in the second semester of the 2011-2012 academic year and the students obtained smart boards and tablets. Tablet computers started to be distributed under the project were supplied by Sentim Bilişim.

FATIH Project, designed to provide the best education for every student, to reach the highest quality educational contents and to provide equality of opportunity in education, is the largest and most comprehensive educational movement in the world related to the use of technology in education.

Technologies Used

• Interactive Board
• Tablet
• Printer
• 110 Remote Education Center

• Fiber Optic (VPN)
• Copper (ADSL)
• Satellite

Data center
• Servers
• Storage
• Network
• Security
• Support
• Disaster Recovery Center

Management Software
• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Antivirus and Security
• Logging

• Class Management
• Geographical Information System

Content Software
• Personal Cloud Storage
• Store Application
• Editor and Player
• Simulation Software
• Teaching Management System
• Search

• EBA Class, EBA Video
• EBA Book, EBA Visual
• EBA Document, Animation
• Simulation
• Interactive Contents
• Individual Learning Materials
• In-Class Teaching Materials
• Applications
• Games

Social Shares
• Document Sharing
• Audio Sharing
• Video Sharing

• Call Center
• Service Desk
• Law
• Purchase – Supply
• Logistics
• Contact
• Promotion

Teacher Training
• Technology Usage
• Professional Development
• Field Based Trainings
• Content Development
• Remote Trainings

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