Having started its activities in 1990, Ekol has spent many years of experience in successful projects during its 25 years of service and has succeeded in leading the sector over the years. It has an annual turnover of 600 million Euros and operates in a wide geographical area with approximately 7 thousand employees. The company has made its choice to pass on its information technology infrastructure to cloud services and has successfully implemented this project with Ekol Logistics with Microsoft Azure infrastructure.


To make the structure used by Ekol Logistics more effective, current
• E-mail
• Instant communication,
• Data storage,
• Corporate social network platforms
will be performed with cloud services pursuant to the needs of today.


Kuralkan Bilişim, a business partner in Microsoft Enterprise Licensing, has successfully completed the necessary design and project work on cloud services with its technology and application experiences to meet needs.


With the project performed for the institution, it started using
• Optimal investment and operating costs
• High continuity,
• Accessible from anywhere in the world
• The most up-to-date infrastructure

Technologies Used

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