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İstanbul directorate of public security


İstanbul directorate of public security information technology crimes and systems

Project Goal

The information technology crimes that rapidly increase in our country as in the world have become one of the major issues today. Gathering and evaluating data relating to crimes committed using information technologies, taking required measures to prevent such crimes, carrying out joint operations with the concerned units, and taking necessary actions in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation are among the tasks of the Branch Directorate for IT Crimes and Systems. Creation of the infrastructure required for investigation of the digital materials confiscated and evidences collected during operations, revealing the persons that involve in computer crimes, damage electronic data, generate, replicate counterfeit e-signatures and e-certificates, etc. is the main goal of the project.

It was aimed to create an easy-to-manage system with high availability for the critical applications and data used in the organization. Furthermore, it is important to increase the performance and level of availability as the used disk space increases.


The HP P4500 G2 scale-out storage clustering disk system is used as the hardware infrastructure to meet the performance and disk space requirements of the organization. The disk system accesses the Network with 10 GbE. Furthermore, HP c7000 Blade Systems are utilized for the server and network consolidation. Fully redundant HP 8212 Backbone Switches (each module 10 GB) are used in the system. Thus, a high-performance structure operating on iSCSI SAN, which is the future’s disk access protocol, has been established. The VMware Virtualization system is utilized to ensure that the applications operate with high availability rates. 47 different software applications were delivered to meet the requirements of the organization with respect to analysis, technical investigation and inspection of information technology crimes.

Aiming to become a major IT base in our region with this project, Istanbul Directorate of Public Security IT Crimes and Systems Division has achieved a high availability levels in its applications owing to the new IT infrastructure. High-capacity storage area and iSCSI technology enabled the organization to have a Disaster Recovery System with High Availability. A considerably easy-to-manage IT infrastructure has been created thanks to all these systems. 47 different software applications enabled the organization to identify and analyze computer crimes, and to conduct technical investigations on IT hardware and software effectively.

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