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Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of National Defence

Recruitment Data System Hardware and Equipment

Project Goal

The project aimed to conduct the operations performed by the central and rural organizations of the Ministry through a state-of-the-art system automation. To this end, it was required to establish the Ministry of National Defence (MSB) Data System infrastructure and to provide e-state services in the fields of recruiting and, mobilization, etc. through this system.

Thus, citizens will be able to follow the military roll-call procedures without having to visit the recruiting officer and without suffering penalties using the computers in their homes or workplaces through the Internet, or mobile phones using mobile signature, via the E-State Gate. Users will be able to check whether there are any mobilization or military exercise tasking orders for themselves, or for the vehicles and construction equipment belonging to their companies using the online services.

The local and external recruiting office difference will be eliminated to create a “Single Recruiting Office for the Whole Country” to provide the respective services to each and every corner of Turkey. Within this framework, all recruitment procedures, including obtaining Military Service Status Certificates, will be completed in a short period of time, at anytime and anywhere. Citizens will have to visit the recruiting offices only for final roll-call purposes and on deployment dates. University students will no longer have to send their student status certificates to the recruiting offices to defer their military services. Citizens will be able to choose their call periods online on the electronic environment. This facility will enable seasonal workers such as farmers, people working in the tourism sector, etc. to join the army in any call period they want. Citizens living abroad will be able to submit their applications for deferment of their military services, or military service in foreign exchange procedures on the electronic environment using the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Turkish citizens living abroad will also be able to submit any other personal applications by e-mail on the Internet, and the results of their applications will be delivered to them by e-mail.


Hardware and infrastructure requirements of total of 550 recruiting offices in Turkey have been met within the framework of the project.

The PARDUS Operating System, which was developed by TUBITAK and called the “national operating system”, is used on corporate level for the first time on the systems supplied within the scope of the project. Total of 4.500 thin clients are used in the project, and the system infrastructure installed represents an example in Turkey.
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