Success Stories

General Directorate Of Turkish Post

Ptt Bank Smart Card Project

Project Goal

The General Directorate of Turkish Post aims to spread use of smart cards by its customers for money withdrawal and transfer, bill payment transactions, etc. at all its branches, and in the future, to perform financial transactions through the PTT Bank ATMs and/or the ATMs of the contracted banks.

Total of 300 thousand magnetic cards were supplied for use by the PTT Bank, and all of them were personalized in terms of graphics and electronics. To this end, total of 4.500 units of smart card readers/printers and smart card personalization software, and training services were provided to the organization. The personalized smart cards have been delivered for distribution to the customers of the PTT Bank. PTT spread use of the smart cards for use at all branches, and increased the number of the procured cards in future procurements.
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