Success Stories

Financial Participation Bank Of Turkey

Project Goal

Providing services to more than 1 million clients with 182 branches and over 3.350 employees, the Financial Participation Bank of Turkey continuously improves the availability rate of its services through swift IT investments. Utilizing the virtualization technologies, the bank replicates the critical applications at a different location from the headquarters located in Istanbul, Turkey. The project aimed to upgrade the virtualization software to the latest versions, and to automate the replication network.


The Bank had two locations in Ankara and Istanbul. Synchronized replication was used at the disaster recovery location in Istanbul, and asynchronous replication was used at the one in Ankara, EMC Symmetrix data storage systems were used in both locations. First, the virtualization software used in the system was upgraded to the latest version (VMware vSphere).

In the second stage, a consistent replication structure was established without disturbing the data integrity between the Istanbul Headquarters and Ankara Disaster Recovery Center, and a fully-automated virtual replication structure was established using the VMware Site Recovery Manager software.

As a result of this project, the Bank achieved 30 per cent increase in the system performance owing to the new version of the virtualization software. The new fully-automated disaster recovery system optimized the operational continuity and service availability, providing easy-to-manage disaster recovery system that can be tested at any time.
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