Success Stories

Turkish Economy Bank

Project Goal

Turkish Economy Bank continues to maintain its reputable and privileged position in the Turkish banking sector with its ever growing branch network, product and service diversity, as well as its operations in other fields of the financial sector such as investment, leasing, factoring, insurance and portfolio management, etc.

Turkish Economy Bank signed a partnership agreement with the BNP Paribas, which is among world’s top six banks, the biggest bank in the Euro region operating in more than 87 countries, on February 10, 2005. This partnership combined the powers and experiences of TEB, one of the esteemed and strong brands in the Turkish financial sector, and BNP Paribas, an international brand. With this partnership agreement, BNP Paribas has secured shares in TEB Investment, TEB Leasing, TEB Factoring, TEB Insurance, TEB Portfolio Management, as well as in TEB NV, which operates in Amsterdam as a Dutch bank.

Turkish Economy Banks ranked among the top 9 banks in Turkey with its TRY 25,7 billion total assets achieved as a result of merger with the Fortis Bank. With this project, it was aimed to upgrade the e-mail archive structure used during the merger process, and to combine the e-mail archive systems smoothly against any possible risks that might have arisen as a result of the merger.


The current e-mail archive structure (Symantec Enterprise Vault) used by the Bank was upgraded to the latest version to ensure compatibility with the Exchange and Office 2010. These operations had been completed prior to transition from Exchange 2007 to 2010, and the entire archive structure was prepared for the new e-mail system. Following completion of the project in March 2011, TEB resumed providing services to more 10 thousand users.

Following version upgrading operations, the archive structure and the single server structure was changed to multi-server structure, considering the additional number of users from Fortis after the merger. In spite of the doubling archive size, services can be provided smoothly.
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