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Sentim Mobile Business Continuity Service Model

Sentim Service Model

Why Service Model?

What Are Benefits and Advantages?

• It provides regular cash flow with fixed price advantage and monthly payments without investing in a device in cash.

• It provides efficient use of sources and cost control opportunity instead of capital use.

• It prevents business interruption thanks yo spare/replacement device,and provides business continuity.

• With guaranteed,quality and quick service/maintenance services,it also enables you to focus on your business.

• It enables you to record expenses and deduct from the tax and provides advantages compared to purchasing.

• It provides lower total cost,reseting stock costs and easy budgeting.

• It provides right for 2 repair processes against all faults resulted from the user all faults resulted from users during the leasing period and also provides cost advantage.

• It prevents you from bearing second-hand risk of devices,and provides a renewal opportunity if needed.

Purchasing/Financial Comparison of Service Model

Warranty Packages and Coverage

Maintenance and Services


Nano Device Protection-Crystalusion


Nano Device Protector/Full Screen+Device Protection
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is a silicone-based coating designed by German engineering.Developed with comprehensive test and research activities,Crystalusion is one of the most advanced nano coatings for mobile devices.The feature making the coating amazing is there is no adhesive substance or resin in form of Crystalusion.Plate adheres through Van Der Waals interaction.In such interaction,Liquid Glass molecules and coated surface plate is drawn to each other through quantum forces;therefore there is no edge or corner which may dislocate or collect dust.

Crystalusion-Liquid Glass Protection works on each device 100%independently thanks to its unique application method.Applied as liquid,the product may be used in smart phones,tablets and touch-screen devices.With Crystalusion which may be almost all devices,single protection product will be enough for all of your devices.


Crystalusion Nano Device Protector protects your phone with 3 fundamental features:

It has gained a laboratory certificate proving that they may resist up to N without showing scratch signs in ASTM C1624-05 Quantitative Single Point Scratch Test conducted in the laboratory by using Rockwell apple.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is Antimicrobial.As a result of ASTM E2180 antimikrobial tests conducted with Salmonella,Sstaph.Ureus and E.Coli,a decrease in number of organisms at 99,9%is determined.

According to the result of test report dated 24.01.2017 conducted by Accredited Laboratories in line with SARS Measuring Standards,it prevents electromagnetic radiation up to 90%.

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